Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fire in the Claremont Canyon Redwoods

There was a fire in the upper redwood grove, on the Summit Trail.

The fire department cut down a few smaller trees and cleared some brush when they established a defensible perimeter and cut a trail down from Claremont Avenue.

Fire hose leading up to Claremont Avenue

Newly cut trail to fight the fire

The HCN on their blog  interpreted this as "evidence of recent activity by volunteers removing undesirable vegetation." I am fairly certain the firefighters were not volunteers. 

But since their intention is to imply that the fire resulted from volunteer activity, the truth comes secondary to the agenda.

The HCN also makes the absurd argument that the fire was started because the eucalyptus were cut down. Had this fire been started across the street, the whole canyon would likely have gone up in flames, since eucalypti are far more flammable than redwoods.

Unless one of the HCN members or their minions started the fire out of spite... there is no connection between this fire being started and the existence or non-existence of eucalypti.

Here are a few before and after photos.

June 2013

January 2014

June 2013

January 2014