Monday, July 29, 2013

Who is Remsen Belvedere?

Being somewhat new to communicating on a forum via email, early on I overlooked information in the heading of the email by going straight to the text in the body. For example, I was having a public conversation with Remsen Belvedere when somehow the 'reply to' changed from the NH Forum and Remsen Belvedere, AKA Michele Drokolia, to just Remsen Belvdere.

I found the conversation to very informative. An excellent example of trollish behavior. So I published a transcript of the conversation on my blog. Remsen claimed that I had no right to publish what he characterized as private emails and made unspecified threats toward me.

Since it has recently come to light that Remsen Belvedere is not a real person... I have decided to publish the email exchange I had with the HCN sock puppet, after I had already published the transcript, beginning with my informing the puppet and providing a URL to the post.

My comments are in blue, (my favorite color) HCN sock puppet, Remsen Belvedere's in red.

I found this conversation to be informative, so I published a transcript on my blog.

I would like for you to ask me for permission

Too late for that.
Do you have any objections?

It's not too late to ask for permission, as I have neither granted it nor denied it. So again, I would like for you to ask me for permission.

That is like asking for cookie after I already ate it.
I have already published it.
I don't need your permission, but will consider any objections.

You are incorrect. You do need my permission. I will give you one more opportunity to ask me for my permission.

I don't believe I need your permission.
Show me the legal statute.

I'll do better than that. You do not have my permission to publish my emails.

I did not publish your emails. 

I published a transcript of our public conversation. 

I'm not here to provide you with a legal education. As I said, and as I am reiterating, you did not have permission to publish my emails and I reserve all rights to the contents of the emails that were sent.

You'll see why it matters.

Well good luck in your endeavors. 

Luck has nothing to do with it.

Online legal experts are a dime a dozen.

I'll believe you when I see an injunction.

Remember that your arrogance brought this on.

Now you are harassing me.

Nope, I'm responding to your taunt about getting an injunction. You'll soon find out how little you know.

It was not a taunt.
If you want me to take down the post...

I don't need an injunction. Stop violating my rights.

As we all now know. Remsen Belvedere is not a person. Remsen Belvedere is a sock puppet for the Hills Conservation Network. No action has been taken, because a sock puppet cannot seek an injunction. His threats were lies. 

The only person whose rights were being violated here were mine. Some anonymous person or persons have been harassing me on the North Hills Forum and via email for the last five weeks.

The HCN has infiltrated the North Hills Community and are tightly controlling the eucalyptus narrative on the NH Forum. Remsen Belvedere is just one example. 

I have some other interesting emails from the early days from Amanda Davenport that I will publish transcripts of in future posts.

She appears to be real person, not just a tool of the HCN. Although, as I will demonstrate in my next post, she carries their water.