Friday, June 7, 2013

Area 29 Restoration

Todays pictures are from the area 29 restoration site. Here is a photo of young grove of coastal redwoods.

Coast redwoods are very efficient at extracting moisture from the fog
More redwoods have also been planted in this area. 
Redwoods are the perfect tree to suppress fire in the Claremont Canyon.

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Here is what seems to grow well in the soil devoid of native microbes.

A two foot thick flammable carpet.

Take a closer look.
Native ferns in the upper left corner
Eucalyptus bark and leaves intertwined with poison oak vines.

That there are people who believe that these trees integrate well into the native woodland is mind boggling. The only reason I can think of for believing such nonsense is; they lack knowledge.

This is what we can expect the restoration to look like across the road, once the eucalyptus are gone. While not perfect, the restoration areas are without a doubt less fire prone. And I would argue that the flora in the restored area... far more inviting than the flora in the eucalyptus groves.

It is my hope that this evidence will convince everyone to support the eradication and restoration project.