Saturday, June 29, 2013

HCN Deception Part II

I found the stumps shown in the second 8/28/2010 photo milliontrees has on his hyperbolic blog post about the EPA review of the DEIS. This is the top of the ridge, not a riparian woodland, like the eucalyptus they show in the other picture are oppressing.

Top of the ridge, Sign Post 24

Here are the stumps they show in their 2010 photo.

Eucalyptus stumps on the hilltop

Hilltops and ridgelines do not have rivers, and are not normally associated with riparian woodlands, like the one being oppressed by the eucalyptus forest. Here is what they are not showing you.

There is another riparian woodland under the eucalyptus forest across the road.

From the ridge up here, to Claremont Avenue below, the eucalyptus have been eradicated.
View from the bottom
It is quite obvious from these pictures, that the narrative that HCN has been spinning, through their rather extensive and sophisticated media outreach organization, is a bald-faced lie, supported by cherry picked pictures, facts, and evidence.

Here are the rest of today's photos.