Saturday, June 1, 2013

There is a firestorm building in the Claremont Canyon, both literally and rhetorically.
Bark, leaves, and dropped branches stacked like kindling...
beneath a canopy known for producing devastating crown fires.

There are literally tons of duff and tinder under the stands of eucalyptus that dot the East bay hills.

Each grove is a literal firestorm waiting to happen.

There is also a rhetorical firestorm being generated by the Hills Conservation Network and the Milliontrees blog.

This blog is dedicated to dousing both with evidence and reason.

I am taking pictures of the various stands, with my GPS on and uploading them here as a community resource. I am making the pictures available immediately. Comments and descriptions will come later.

I also intend to expose the false information being spread by the HCN about the danger these trees pose, beginning with the false narrative that the trees and understory pictured below pose as much or more of a fire danger than the trees pictured above.

Native understory next to the eucalyptus stand pictured above.