Friday, June 14, 2013

Eucalyptus Merry-Go-Round

Here are the pictures I took of the Merry-Go-Round.

Merry-Go-Round in Tilden Park

There are two nearby picnic areas. Here are the trees near one area.
Note the stunted native trees.

This is a managed grove near modern infrastructure

Here is the other picnic area.

Behind these trees is a eucalyptus grove with a poison oak floor.

Here is the eucalyptus grove behind the native picnic area.
Poison oak mono-crop under eucalyptus. 
Where should we put the picnic table?

In my opinion, the environment surrounding the native trees is much more inviting and enjoyable than the eucalypti. But that is a subjective argument, which varies with the subject making the argument. Since this area is developed, used by many people, and the trees are easily accessible. It is not comparable to the rugged, undeveloped areas that are the primary focus of the FEMA grant.

I would argue that the methodology used here on a few small groves is not practical for an entire forest. The process is as harmful to the native species, as the full eradication, and would have to be repeated on a regular basis. A riparian woodland is much easier to manage, less dangerous, and from my perspective, creates a more pleasing environment.

Hopefully I will get to captions on the pictures by this evening.