Monday, June 3, 2013

The Claremont/Alvarado Eucalyptus Grove.

Here some photos of the small, seemingly harmless eucalyptus grove at Alvarado and Claremont Avenue.

What harm is there to have a few of these tall trees a couple of hundred yards from your home?

The Hills Conservation Network would have you believe that these trees are no more dangerous than native bay oak woodlands. That there is no fuel ladder to the crown. That the native bays are more dangerous because their canopy is closer to the ground. That is a blatant lie, as these photos show.

They also argue that these trees integrate well with the existing native woodlands. Another specious lie based on their misinterpretation of the abstract of a 2002 study by Dov Sax

Their argument has now morphed since I questioned their interpretation of the 2002 study and provided them a link to the actual published research. They now argue that eucalyptus integrate well with other local species. HCN makes no distinction or cites any preference between native and invasive species. As these pictures will demonstrate, the species that integrated so well with this grove of eucalypti is French Broom, which amplifies the fire danger posed by these trees.

I invite everyone to look at these pictures and decide for yourself whether or not Dan Grassetti's cover story is a lie. Feel free to leave him a comment, and share this link on his website.