Monday, June 24, 2013

HCN Deception?

The HCN is all worked up over the EPA's EC-2 rating of the DEIS.

And showing old misleading pictures.

This is the picture I took today, compare it to what is on their latest blog today. Pictures from August 2010. One was of these trees, 3 years ago.

Eucalyptus to be eradicated on north side of Claremont Avenue
Here is what they didn't show you.
The area on the left has had the eucalyptus eradicated

I suppose that is because it doesn't fit with their clear-cut forest narrative.
Liberated from the oppressive eucalyptus
See todays photos here.

I focused on the stumps to show where the eucalyptus were. The fact that they are hard to spot beneath the trees puts paid to the HCN lie that this is a clear-cut forest!